Just do it…

After much too-ing and fro-ing, having talked to parents, physio, friends (both cycling and non), having written the pros and the cons, looked at my finances, questioned my sanity I have finally made a decision. Today I dutifully filled in the application form for the Etape 2011. Having made the decision I composed an email and fired it off. I got a rapid reply basically stating “you didn’t actually attach the application” genius, what a great way to start!

I want to be 80 years old in a rocking chair thinking back on my life and not having any major regrets. I would rather regret the things that I do than the things I don’t do. Yes I may regret deciding to do the Etape if I injure myself again but I would have a much larger regret if I didn’t even try. My accident was such a freak accident. I don’t want the injury, or the fact that I used to be obese, rule my life. I need to take it into consideration. It is hard to completely draw a line under it since I am still doing physio and in some mild discomfort but I need to do it as best I can.

So here is to a year of bad tan lines, endless laps of Richmond Park, endless climbing of Box Hill, complaining about car/van drivers, complaining about the state of the road, to the cake stops, to getting up stupidly early, to lusting over the latest piece of equipment, to aching muscles, to hitting the deck (but hopefully not too hard), to discussing the weather, to waiting for the light evenings, to discussing routes.


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2 Responses to Just do it…

  1. JB says:

    Enjoy the build up. If the ride lasts a few – long – hours then it’s the build up, the training and anticipation that is good. A bit like the idea that “travelling is better than arriving”.

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