Run former fattie, run

It has been 3 and half months since I broke my collarbone and 3 weeks ago I had a check up to see if things are still healing. In those 3 months I have put on weight and have begun to feel uncomfortable in my own skin. How on earth did I used to live with an additional 6 stone?

Graduation - June 2007

So whilst I was there I asked him “Can I start running” the doctor looked a little bemused at me and said “sure, why do you think that you shouldn’t”. My reasons for asking was 1) running puts a lot of forces through your shoulder 2) my collarbone used to click when I was walking and I didn’t know whether it was healed to the point to be able to run 3) I have a pretty ample chest and bra-straps rest on your collarbone and in my case it goes the wrong side of the break. When I explained this to the doc he just looked more bemused and said “isn’t there anything else that you could do with them?” well errr bind them to my chest somehow? After some more conversation he said give it a go and see how it feels.

So the next day I thought, right time to go and try this out. One of the biggest problems was actually getting my sports bra on. I haven’t yet got full range of motion back and struggled to get the bra done up but that finally achieved, albeit with a bit of swearing, I set out. It felt so good to properly move and sweat again. I grew up by the seaside and although the Thames isn’t exactly the same it gives me that same calming feeling. I am doing the C25K (couch to 5k) program which starts with sets of walking/jogging and builds up to running 5K.

A couple of months ago I randomly decided to enter the Bath Half marathon on 11th March 2012, I have never even run 10k, I am not sure whether I can run a half marathon but I am never one to back down from a challenge. Why have I signed up to Bath Half? I have days where I still think that I am fat and unfit. I went to Bath University and the last time that I was in Bath was my graduation and as you can see from the picture I was far from fit when I graduated. Whilst at uni I did try to lose some weight and get control of my life. I vividly remember thinking that I was getting fit because I was going to the gym and deciding to cycle to the gym. I couldn’t even manage a mile. I was so disappointed with myself and felt like a massive loser, I can now ride a mile and I haven’t been back since I graduated. I have something to prove to myself, Bath feels an apt place to prove this.

Me out running

I know that I am never going to be the fastest runner in the world but there is something that I really enjoy about running. I used to get out of breath walking up a flight of stairs but now I can run for 25 minutes. During my enforced rest I just felt so sluggish, bored, unmotivated, lacking direction. After a run I never look particularly atractive, I am red, sweaty but I have a smile on my face (if I have enough energy) and I feel alive.


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2 Responses to Run former fattie, run

  1. Alison Johnson says:

    M&S do sports bras which zip up the front – having bought one I went back for more. More like putting a cardi on than a bra and might not be so much of a wrestle? Good structurally solid beasts they are too.

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