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Weighty Issues

How much should I weigh to be healthy, what weight can I realistically maintain? I have been doing weight watchers for 4 years my starting weight was 20st 7lb. I currently weigh 14st 1lb. May 2010 I was at my lowest at 12st 0.5lb, this … Continue reading

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Weight loss is like riding a bike

As you will have gathered if you have read my blog I like cycling and have just been to Morocco with Velo Venutres. I took up cycling two years ago and for the last two years I have set myself … Continue reading

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Mountain biking on actual mountains…

I have just got back after a week mountain biking in Morocco with Velo Ventures. I am shattered to the core, covered in bruises, I smell of fire and am really content for the first time in a while. I … Continue reading

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