Bring on 2012

I'm ontop of the world

I have been writing this blog for a year now and my thoughts turn to the new year and reflect on the year past. There have been so many memorable moments in the last year, moments of pure agony and pure ecstacy with may unexpected twists and turns. There have been lows (breaking my collarbone) right through to literally the highest of my life being on top of a mountian in Morocco.

I have been thinking about what I want to achieve in 2012. There are many intangible goals; expanding my cooking repitoire, losing a bit more fat, break my negative thought cycles but how do I know when I have achieved them? One thing that I have learnt about myself is that I work best when I have concrete goals that I am working towards, the Etape, Gold Duke of Edinburgh award. There are many sportives (nationally and internationally), adventure races, swims that I could train and work towards but what do I want to do?

Running along the sand not burying my head in it

I can’t remember who said it, or the exact words but I remember what it said to me a goal needs to be scary enough to get you out the front door but not too scary that you bury your head in the sand. If a goal is too easy you become complacent, too hard and it feels fills me with fear and dread. If it is at just the right level it motivates me and spurs me on to do better.  Once I am out the front door with my trainers on I have fun, but I need to get out the front door first. I am motivated by seeing stats improving, that I am going further, faster and improving, not competing against others only myself. Last friday I ran 11 miles (in 2 hours and 9 mintues) the only reason that I believe that I covered this distance is because I have the Garmin data to prove it to myself.

I could aim for the Etape again and cross everything that it will be third time lucky and that I will actually make it to the start line, but I have decided against it. The Alps and the Pyrenees aren’t going anywhere, but if I aimed for the Etape it has the real potential to break my spirit. I still have this want/desire to to do an Ironman, my meeting with Garry Palmer a couple of weeks ago really made it seem achievable with determination, time and a bit (or a lot) of money but I am not 100% there yet. For the next year I have decided to have a bit of fun, not put too much pressure on myself, see if I enjoy triathlons, the elements of triathlons and the training.

So from all this my main event for next year is London TriathlonOlympic Plus distance on 23rd September 2012 which is 1.5km swim, 90km bike ride and 10km run. Why the plus distance? Well they were sold out of Olympic and what is an extra 50km on a bike? I have decided to break this challenge down into bitesize chunks, covering the distances in each of the disciplines on their own so this is what I have booked for next year…

Big Achievable Plans

Any hints/advice/equipment/tips/comments/cheerleaders/joining me on the event welcome…


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