Train Hard, Race Easy

2012 is not even 8 weeks old and so much has happened. It is now less than 4 weeks until the Bath Half Marathon. It has been a rollercoaster so many new experiences including two cross-country runs, two parkruns,  one half marathon distance training run, two blisters, losing feelings in countless fingers and toes, running longer and further than I have ever done previous. I am not being boastful just still in disbelief that this is me doing it. It isn’t all easy though.

Capital Runner 10km

Yesterday I lined up at my second 10km race, Capital Runners 10km in Bushy Park. It was a hard race. I used to think the hardest part would be the bit between the start line and finish line. During the race it felt easy, almost too easy, sure I was breathing hard but I had been on harder runs. I kept thinking I wasn’t pushing hard enough. On the 1st January I ran 10km in 58.50 , yesterday, yesterday I ran 53.05. During the run I realised that training isn’t just the bit between start and end markers, it is everything, eating, sleeping, resting and running. Hard parts can often appear small unexpected things.

Hard is putting on socks

  • Hard is putting your socks on the right foot
  • Hard is putting my trainers on when I just can’t be bothered
  • Hard is making it to the start line when I can think of 101 excuses
  • Hard is overcoming my “I can’t”, “there is no way” thoughts
  • Hard is being proud of my achievements and not diminishing them
  • Hard is lightning up, letting my body rest and recover when I actually want to go for a run
  • Hard is organising life in order to make the time to go for a run
  • Hard is standing freezing at the bus stop en-route to a run knowing that my nice warm bed is nearby and who would know if I went back
  • Hard is going out knowing that I am going to return with no feeling in my fingers
  • Hard is not beating myself up because I don’t think that I am trying hard
  • Hard is going to bed when there is a good tv show on in order to get enough sleep to get up and fight another fight

Some of these are harder than others, most days I focus on the positives and get my trainers on and feel good when I get back. Everyone has struggles I can only deal with mine. Hard was realising how overweight I was, not being overwhelmed by the enormity of it and taking it one day at a time. I will have won so much just standing at the start line. No matter what my time is at Bath Half I know all the hard parts that I have gone through and survived, they are what makes the race easy.

Trainers on time for a run


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