The one where I quit Weight watchers and join a triathlon club

On Friday, I took a massive scary step into the unknown. I cancelled my Weight Watchers monthly pass and joined Thames Turbo triathlon club. I have been going to Weight Watchers for the last 5 years and have lost 7 stone. I found it fitted with my lifestyle whilst losing weight but now my lifestyle is different and have really struggled with the plan. I have been finding it increasingly difficult to juggle meetings and training. I am also struggling with following the eating plan to get the right foods to support the training that I am doing.

Whilst I have been at Weight Watchers I have seen many people come and go and can almost categorise them, those that want quick fixes, those that are habitual joiners, those with unrealistic expectations and I am just tired of it. I have got to know a few people through weightwatchers but these are getting fewer and fewer. I have heard the tips for Christmas, Easter, birthdays 5 times and I am ready for a change.

What spurred me on this week was an email about how you should focus on what you could do (run a sub-2hr half marathon) rather than what it is (size 12, 13st etc). Weightwatchers works out your goal weight based on your BMI. BMI is easy to calculate and is a good indicator of a healthy weight but it isn’t ideal. It doesn’t take into consideration lean body weight or build. I have been outside my “goal weight” for the past year, every month I am paying to be told I am overweight and that I need to lose weight. What I need to do is lose fat and not lean muscle and this is a careful balance that needs to be struck, it doesn’t fit easily with the plan. What I have learnt is my weight naturally fluctuate. My focus is on leading a healthy (mentally and physical) lifestyle, this may or may not lead to be a healthy BMI.

The triathletes that I talk to inspire me. I feel an energy and curiousity inside that I find intriguing. The funniest thing about joining a triathlon club is I haven’t yet even done a triathlon, but by this time tomorrow I will have done. Thames Turbo have run a novice triathlon course in the run up to the race on the 4th June. I have really enjoyed the training, especially the swimming. Occasionally I struggle with my shoulders but the strength and flexibility are pretty good considering. The club is a real mix of people and they are really friendly and encouraging.

I know that Weight Watchers is there if I ever need that support and structure again. I want to see if I can “go it alone” (with the support of friends and family). This steps is scary but exciting. It
feels like a positive step. I am scared that I will “fall off the wagon” and slowly the weight will creep back on. I am scared that if I put the weight back on that I will get angry and frustrated when people express concern. However I have some confidence in myself, given the fact that the
last two years haven’t been stress free and I have kept the weight off. I have lost my aunt and my nan. I have separated one shoulder, broken my collarbone, both times this lead me to be unable to exercise for extended periods of time. I have bought a flat. I have dealt with all of this without putting all the weight back on. I know I still have some bad habits but I am aware of them.

The weight isn’t going to go back on overnight, It would take approximately 1500 bags on Jelly tots to put the 7 stone back on which I don’t know about you but I am pretty sure I couldn’t eat that many in my sleep.



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5 Responses to The one where I quit Weight watchers and join a triathlon club

  1. KtG says:

    I am so, so proud of you.

    Your attitude to life will see you be a healthy person, inside and out, regardless of your weight, dress-size or BMI.

    You’re one amazing lady, ME.

    Big (little) Cousin xxx

  2. soozan says:

    Hi Mary, I’m SO impressed and inspired by your story! I really hope this works out for you, it sounds v exciting! My trainer is always telling me to concentrate on physical goals rather than weight/size goals, but my head isn’t in the right place (yet)! All the best, it’ll be great to hear how you get on! Go for it! Love Suzanne xxx

  3. I think its a good choice for you by the sounds of it, what you need for that sort of training isnt something ww allows for in all honesty. and if its not working for you then trying something else gives you chance to explore whether or not that will work for you instead. If your worried about weight gain maybe still keep a diary of what your eating to keep an eye on it, and weigh yourself once a month, go to a boots or somewhere like that which has scales you pay to use.

  4. Well done on joining the Tri club. I’m always motivated by others more physically gifted than me (and a few less so). I always receive positive feedback from the coaches and being experts they know how to get the best out of each individual. When you complete your first tri it will give you such a sense of achievement that you’ll hopefully be desperate for more!

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