The one where I think about Ironman

Me at my first triathlon

There are many questions I ask myself when I think about Ironman (the triathlon variety, not the Robert Downey Jnr variety). These questions generally revolve around what, where, when, how and why. The most important question is why I want to do it. An Ironman triathlon consists of a 3.8km (2.4-mile) swim, 180km (112-mile) bike ride followed by a marathon, a flipping marathon. Not only that but there is a completion cut off time of 17 hours, along with discipline cut-offs. Ironman is one of the mentally and physically toughest one day events that you could put yourself through.

That is just the day of the event but what this doesn’t capture is the training and commitment involved in the days, weeks, months, years leading up to the event. It isn’t something that you can do half-hearted it would involve sacrifices, many hours of training, missing social events. Although you complete the day alone you need a support network of people who are understanding and are patient. It would test my determination to the limit and if my resolve isn’t strong enough I will crumble.

Run run run


  1. Injuries
  2. Cost
  3. Time
  4. Do I have the required support network?

Why I want to do it

  1. I entered my 20s fat and unfit and I want to enter my 30s strong and fit
  2. No-one could ever take it away from me or belittle my achievements. When Bear Grylls was giving the address at the Queen’s Scout award he said to not belittle your achievements and I am very guilty of doing this. 
  3. I want to know where my limits are, rather than where I think that they are
  4. If I don’t even attempt it I will always wonder what if
  5. It will motivate me to get off the sofa and out the front door when I can’t be bothered
  6. When I was sat at home watching the Tour de France nursing my broken collarbone I felt so low and was dreaming of the most horrific day possible on the bike. It got me wondering what I could achieve.
  7. Possibly inspire others, I remember reading an article when I was about 17 about someone who had been overweight and had lost it through diet and exercise and then done an marathon. I just remember thinking that if he can do then one day maybe I could.
  8. Motivation to keep the weight off and eat healthily
  9. Because it is completely mad and there is just something about it that captures my imagination and attention

I am still mulling it over and my darling Dad has suggested waiting until after the London Triathlon which is in 11 weeks time and is only a baby in comparison to an Ironman. I am doing Olympic Plus distance of 1.5km swim, 90km bike, 10km run.

Any thoughts or comments welcome.



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