London 2012

Cheesy grin in the velodrome

I was fortunate enough to be a gamesmaker in the velodrome during the London 2012 olympics. I had applied for velodrome tickets but unfortunately didn’t get any, so when I learnt where I would be volunteering I was happily stunned. The whole experience was amazing and one I hope that I won’t forget. I worked in the press tribune which was were the printed press (newspapers) worked from that was on the home straight.

10 things that I hope I will never forget

  1. Getting access to the quiet velodrome before sessions
  2. The dry heat of the velodrome.
  3. The running up and down the stairs in gamesmaker uniform in the dry heat of the velodrome
  4. The feeling when they opened the doors at end of the session. You couldn’t see that the doors had opened but you could feel it.
  5. The mexican wave of clapping that followed the riders around the velodrome
  6. Chris Hoy with his head bowed as he stood behind the podium about to receive his 3rd gold
  7. Cheekily enquiring if they needed extra help for the final track session. I wasn’t scheduled to work and with the gold medals of the men’s keirin, women’s omnion and women’s sprints I knew that it would be a busy session and I wanted to be there. If you don’t ask you don’t get
  8. The do-or-die attitude of the BMX. There were two crashes on the time trails alone, definitely not the sport for me
  9. The people who I met, whether it was my fellow press-ops gamesmakers or the random people on the tube
  10. That I was there




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