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How I used to look after a 15 minute walk but now look after a 30 minute run

How I used to look after a 15 minute walk but now look after a 30 minute run

This time of year often leads me to reflect on the past year and look forward to the new year. This time of year is a significant anniversary in my life. In December 2009 I became a Gold Weightwatchers member this means I got to my “goal weight” (12st 7lb) and had a health BMI for the first time in my life. I started my journey towards a healthier lifestyle because I was physically unable to live the life I wanted to lead. I wasn’t physically capable of climbing three flights of stairs without being sweaty and out of breath, anything more adventurous was out of the question.  I was detached from the world, I watched from my comfy, yet isolating, throne just watching the world, not participating.

In the last three years I have experienced life, its highs and lows. I have seen the earths natural beauty and have completed challenges I wasn’t sure that I could. I volunteered at the Olympics, achieved my Queen’s Guide, Queen’s Scout and Gold Duke of Edinburgh award. I have completed sea swims and lake swims. I have cycled from London to Brighton, London to Paris,  been Mountain Biking in Morrocco. I have run 5km, 10km and a half marathon. I have even done a triathlon. I have walked around Uluru in 30 degree heat, climbed the O2 and climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. All this was achieved by small steps.

Up at the O2

Up at the O2

I wrote this blog entry at the beginning of the year in which I stated my main goal for 2012 was the London Triathlon. If I have learnt anything in the last few year it is that life doesn’t always turn out the way that you planned. The Olympic+ distance had a Sunday 6:30am start wave + travel would have meant leaving at 4:30am.  I admit I probably wasn’t as fit as I needed to be but apparently I am determined individual and if I started I would have finished, even if that meant being the last person across the line. Dear friends were getting married on the Saturday afternoon. I seriously considered trying to do both the wedding and triathlon. I could have left the reception early and not drank. However I remembered what motivated me to get off the sofa in the first place was that I wanted to fully experience life, trying to do both would result in not fully experiencing either. As I danced, drank and laughed the night away with friends I was happy. I was living the full life that I wanted and had made the right decision. Triathlon will come and go but friends and family are being present are the important things in life.

I haven’t achieved everything I initially thought I wanted to but equally I have done some that I never thought that I would, climbing Sydney Harbour bridge being one of them. The earlier list of my achievements wasn’t to show off, or be boastful but to remind myself of all that I have achieved. It hasn’t all been positive, along the way I have lost some battles but  I am winning the war. At present I am overweight (94kg 14st 11lb) and not as fit as I would like to be, but these are things that I can change with a little conscious effort. There have been losses and sadness along the way but I am out there living it and experiencing what life has to offer, long may continue.

“Feel the rain on your skin no one else can feel it for you”
Natasha Bedingfield


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