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Sport, Scars & Sinewy Arms

There have been several incidents recently that have made me rather sad Sports Personality of the year (SPOTY) nomination list having a narrow range of sports and no women Liz Jones article “Sinewy arms are NOT a good thing – … Continue reading

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Weighty Issues

How much should I weigh to be healthy, what weight can I realistically maintain? I have been doing weight watchers for 4 years my starting weight was 20st 7lb. I currently weigh 14st 1lb. May 2010 I was at my lowest at 12st 0.5lb, this … Continue reading

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Weight loss is like riding a bike

As you will have gathered if you have read my blog I like cycling and have just been to Morocco with Velo Venutres. I took up cycling two years ago and for the last two years I have set myself … Continue reading

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The big cliche and irony of my life

Cliché “an expression, idea, or element of an artistic work which has been overused to the point of losing its original meaning or effect.”, taken from the great font of knowledge wikipedia. Life is full of clichés, my shoulder is … Continue reading

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Stumble at the first hurdle

When I thought that I would start a blog I logged onto a site to create the blog and started filling in some of the details, then I got to the screen. The screen where you have to name your … Continue reading

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